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Our Caribbean menu


Caribbean Menu Starters

Jerk King Prawns

Prawns seasoned in jerk sauce spices and served with a sweet chilli sauce


Jerk Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet potato with jerk sauce


Salt Fish Fritters

Perfect finger food served with a dipping sauce


A variety of

Caribbean Menu Main Dishes

Curry Goat/Stewed Mutton


Tenderly cooked with herbs and seasonings with a choice of side

Fried Chicken



Jerk Chiken


Spicy chicken with a twist of hot jerk sauce alongside a choice of side.

Caribbean Menu Fish Dishes

Ackee and Saltfish


Jamaica’s national dish made with codfish, served with side of choice

Callaloo with Saltfish


Codfish with greens, a popular dish vegetarian dish, served with your choice of side

Fish of the Day




Caribbean Menu Additional Sides

Callaloo Rice

Steamed rice with callaloo



Dished up with a range of sauces



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